Get the most of your 'omic' raw data


Microarray Analysis

We offer services for microarray data analysis from any organism, any platform and any application.

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NGS Analysis

We provide a flexible range of options for custom analysis of next-generation sequencing.

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Functional Analysis

We help you to retrieve biological meaning and understand pharmacological responses.

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Your Business Solution

Facing large magnitude of ‘omic’ data, optimal data analysis is required in order to produce high quality results. Our bioinformaticians deploy custom microarray and NGS pipelines comprising a full range of open-source, commercial, and proprietary analysis tools. It is ideal for organizations who wish to benefit from the results of genetic analysis without making major investments in infrastructure or expertise. We will work with your scientists to implement your science, run the analysis, and deliver high-quality, fully-annotated results in a variety of formats suitable for conducting follow-on analyses or publishing research.

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Why Choose Us?

Complete data confidentiality – no claims of rights from STATSARRAY.
Our bioinformaticians use the most up-to-date algorithms.
From the initial experimental design to the interpretation of your results, we will work with you at every stage of your experiment.
We offer complete transparency throughout your study with all programs and methodology clearly explained for result verification.
We use a new secure server system called “ownCloud” which allows users to share documents with us via non-intercepted channels.
Working within budget constraints, we will support the design of the most optimal solution to achieve your study aim.
Down to 30 workdays from the time your raw data are submitted.
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